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Basic Clipping Path

Professional Glamour Retouching is high end retouch & it is a great exposure for personal portraits and celebrity images. Glamour Retouching Service ensures the touch of extreme image contain of human fashion or models. To highlight and boost the expression of an image by retouching different body parts, Digital Cosmetology & Glamour Retouching is the best option. We can colorize a B&W image, add, change or remove background or object, repair that old faded picture, remove red eyes or enhance the image.

In the modern era of hi-tech and dominant media (printing/digital/web/TVC), all types of promotional activities and visual communication largely depend on glamour exposure and glamour photography. And in this reign of Photoshop and Digital Image Editing, almost all professional images/photos have to undergo Glamour Enhancement or Photoshop glamour retouching before they are published. Because, Photoshop Glamour Enhancement can answer all of your what-if’s and bring out the beauty that even the best cameras can’t pick up. Glamour Enhancement alias whether call it digital makeup or glamour makeover, has become a linchpin to the success story of Model agencies and Fashion Industries.
Our full-fledged Professional Glamour Enhancement service includes
Facial Correction & Makeover:
• Fix hair style, remove hair strings, add some hair to remove gaps, correct hair color
• Red Eye Removal
• Bring emphasis to the eyes
• Build eyelashes & remove creases
• Dark Circle Lightening (Eyes)
• Teeth Whitening
• Remove gaps
• Resize or reshape teeth
• Braces removal
• Glare and Shine Adding/Removal
• Nose Reshaping and Skin Retouching
• Ear Piercing or tattoo removal, skin texture correction
• Enlarge lips, saturate lips color and enhance lips gloss
• Blemish elimination
• Eye & Eyelash Enhancement
• Wrinkle Removal
• Scar Removal
• Unwanted Vein Removal
• Aging & Anti-Aging
Body & Clothing Enhancements:
• Skin Smoothing
• Expunge blemishes and wrinkles, soften skin texture, tattoo removal
• Digital liposuction and slimming of the body
• Digital Plastic Surgery (breast enlargement)
• Double-chin removal, body reshaping)
• Clothing recolor/Retouch/ironing
• Make up Application
• Skin Resurfacing/Retexturizing
Technical Imperfection Correction:
• Contrast Correction
• Color Treatment
• Image Straightening
• Custom Cropping/Resizing
• Brighten Image
• Noise Removal
• Blur Reduction
• Color Cast Removal
• Object Removal
• Lens/Focus/Zoom Correction
• Shading/Highlighting
• Background Changing
Intelligent/Creative Glamour Enhancement:
• Natural Enhancement/Retouch
• Lighting & Exposure Corrections
• Glamour/fashion/model retouching
• Direct Focus/Spotlighting
• Fantasy Enhancement
• Feature Adjustment
GBL makes Hollywood-style glamour shots out of basic shots. Our creative graphics designers will help your portrait reveal your beauty and conceal imperfections. Why use real make up if you can do a digital make up and make the skin look pretty and the body as your preference? It’s simple, fast and very cost effective than real life glamour enhancement. We will do our best to make any photo look fantastic, but before make sure that you provide us better original photo with high resolution (at least 300 dpi) for better results.
Who Needs Glamour Enhancement
• Cosmetic surgeons & cosmetology enthusiasts
• Digital/Glamour photographer
• Graphic design house
• Modeling agency/Fashion House/Showbiz Industry
• Printing house
• Television Commercials (TVC)
• Matrimonial/Matchmaking service
• Photo studios
• Advertising agency
• Beauty Parlor & Grooming Salon
• Magazine/Newspaper publishing company
• Catalog Company and so on.