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Basic Clipping Path
Basic Clipping Path

Clipping Path Artisan (CPA) provides Image Masking service where we will add layer or channel masks to difficult images such as Images with hair, fur or fiber sections (likes – ramp models, towels, different types of animals, etc.).
The process of Image Masking Service is a long and time consuming procedure and depends on a large amount of the image and the part to be masked. At Clipping Path Artisan usually Adobe Photoshop is used for image masking. We use special masking techniques for special tasks based on the images and criteria’s. There are so many parts which includes with Image masking services. Image Masking Service include with:-
a) Alpha channel masking,
b) Collage Masking,
c) Complex Layer Masking,
d) Transparency masking,
e) Translucent masking,
f) Knockout masking etc.
After all Image Masking service is a procedure for removing background of photos by Photoshop software. There are some types of method for masking in organize to take out the picture from its own background and place in special background. We can also do the same job for remove background but masking is needed where image has fur or hair.